When you’re in a small team and things need to be done, you sometimes find yourself suddenly being responsible for something important that’s outside of your expertise. Logotypes would be one such thing for me. A good logo needs to both be recognizable, visually appealing and reflect something about the business or product. For me, the best logos I make usually come as an unintended consequence of experimentation. These were all made in Illustrator.

The idea behind this was to draw a simplistic ballista using the letter B as the housing for the arrow. It turned out too ambitious and we settled for a simple DB with an arrow, which still gives the right impression.

Here’s the breakdown of the logo. As you can see, we managed to create a lot of symmetry and a consistent style with these 45 degree lines.

The logo for Flea Market is inviting, familiar and fun. The goal of Flea Market is being the best, or at least the most friendly and fun “little guy” among the company of much bigger players and the logo reflects that well.

Before we settled on Flea Market we had a different concept: Forge of Sunna. The logo is bit more complex than most logos and features the main colours and themes from The Ninth Age, the miniature game whose players was the target audience.

This is the logo for Kontigo Care as a whole. The original hummingbird shape was made by Happy Pie. 

Here you can see that I’ve taken the hummingbird and placed it as the dot over the i. As the logo alludes, it’s for the help/information app that came with Previct.

Similar to the help/information app, the hummingbird serves as the ring of the å, quite neatly tying the name of the product to the company.

Would you believe me if I told you that the stylized M on the bomb was made by complete accident?