As the world’s largest Zelda fan community it was only a matter of time before we decided to make our own Zelda fan game. Unlike most fan projects, Timeless Haven was not build using an existing game engine but was made from scratch using Game Maker. The visuals were based on the Minish Cap with a flare of Twilight Princess thrown in. The story had Link travel through both time and space to stop the destruction of his hometown and indeed the whole world.

While the game was never completed, we released four demos playable on PC and the reception was overwhelmingly positive across the board.

You can download and play the demos hosted on Mega, using the links below:


Pre-Beta Demo

Octorok Blast Demo

Alpha Demo

Pre-Alpha Demo


As a 2D game, we used The Minish Cap as a standard for what we wanted achieve gameplay-wise. 

Some of Link’s moves are familiar, like the Spin Attack and Rolling Attack. Others have been developed just for this game, such as the 3-slash combo (inspired by Four Swords Adventures) you can trigger by pressing Attack three times in a row. We also introduced chest-high walls that could be jumped, giving you more options in combat. It’s also worth pointing out that this game used buttons to switch items on the fly without pausing the game, a mechanic that at the time was not present in Zelda games.