The Ninth Age - 2019

The Ninth Age is the somewhat odd name of the best rank and file miniature wargame out there! The spiritual successor to Warhammer Fantasy, it’s enjoyed by thousands of players around the world.  

A few years back, the landing page was simply the dashboard to the project’s forums. Myself and a couple of other people noted that it just was not sufficient and decided to make a brand new landing page, not only making it look good but also expand on the site with a lot more content readily available for newcomers.

This site was made with SPIP, a CMS I was not familiar with until I started working on the site. The site was made by a few people and I was mainly doing UI/UX as well as writing content.

The visual identity was a big part of this website. We wanted it to reflect that this was a game taking place in a fantasy setting, so a lot of images and icons are used to set the tone.

Kontigo Care - 2018

This website went through a couple of iterations before finally reaching its current form. This was the first website I made by myself from scratch in WordPress.

The biggest challenge here was to balance and prioritize all the requested content and its visibility on the site – not just all the things we wanted to feature – but also some things we had to feature, given the strict regulations that come with making med-tech products. 

Kontigo Care has also had a few iterations of its company colour scheme and this website was made to showcase the latest iterations clearly, using its primary cyan and contrast berry red in highlights and backgrounds. Together with the white background, it does well in reflecting the fact that this is a site for healthcare.

Digital Ballista - 2020

In 2019, my wife and I started Digital Ballista: A small game development studio with its first game released in 2020. As such, the website is solely focused on that game and you can read more about it there. 

This was the first dark theme website I built in WordPress.

Fria Livet - 2019

I made this website in WordPress for a former colleague at Kontigo Care who went on to start his own business as a professional therapist. Just like the Kontigo Care website, the colour scheme was important to give the site its identity as a start for a sober life to come.

The website is fairly simple for the most part but one of the advanced features I built into it was a page for testing your drinking habits.

Zelda Universe - 2013

Zelda Universe was the first website I worked on and it’s special in many ways. As the largest Zelda community on the web, we wanted the website to have the look and feel that instantly let Zelda fans know that they’ve found home. Everything from the forest backgdrop and the temple header to the parchment content background was carefully selected to reflect the aesthetics of the Legend of Zelda franchise, while also being unique in the sense that it’s not taken directly from any one game, though definitely inspired by entries like Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess.

On this project, I mainly worked on low and high fidelity mockups putting a lot of focus on layout, buttons and featured content. You can view an early drawing of this webiste here.

I was fortunate enough to work with a wonderful team of a half dozen people. As lead designer I was overseeing both the visual aspects and some of the backend development. 

Although the current site has changed to be more in line with Breath of the Wild’s visual identity, it still uses the foundations we made almost a decade ago.