Unofficial Godzilla Monopoly is an unofficial, fan-made non-profit game based on the Godzilla, King Kong, Gamera and Monopoly franchises, copyright of Toho, Legendary, Kadokawa and Hasbro, respectively. This game was made by a single man in covid lockdown to show his passion for monster flicks and game design. No part of this project is in any way associated with nor endorsed by any of the aforementioned companies or their associates.


Unofficial Godzilla Monopoly (UGM for short) started as a question: What would a Godzilla version Monopoly be like? Is it even possible to reconcile the inherent contradictions between a game about building housing and a monster who’s favourite pass time activity is demolishing cities?

Turns out the answer is yes, it is possible! However, Unofficial Godzilla Monopoly is quite unlike any other version of Monopoly.

For a quick rundown, check out the announcement video!


This game can be downloaded following the links below.

You’ll find the instruction booklet (v 1.2) right here, whereas the asset packs can be downloaded from Mega:

UGM Paper Resource Pack


Using the above packs, you have everything you need to 3D print your own track, as well as the 8 playable kaiju featured in this game.

Playable kaiju:

With special guest stars:


As a non-profit fan-made game, you are free to share and remake the resources provided as you see fit, provided it stays within the law and non-profit. 

If you want to help me add more to the game or improve its quality, you can get in touch using the form.